Writing Poems and Stories

Writing Poems and Stories
Posted by Heriberto Fuentes
To get my kids ready for school, I like to get them mentally motivated for school. As a writer, I love to write stories and fiction. I also love to see my kids write fiction and stories. As a writer, however, I also know how easy it is for the mind to become lazy after only a few days of no work. That is why I make my kids do a bit of fun writing over the winter break.
I really don't care what my kids write about, as long as I see their pens moving on a sheet of paper and writing words. I love to see my kids write poems or stories about whatever they wish. It is always fascinating to see the way my kids' minds work. I think any parent will get a kick out of reading a story w ritten by a child. When my kids complain they have no ideas, I simply give them a few prompts. I will ask them to make a story about a magical candy shop or other sort of mythical object, which usually does the trick.
Sometimes we will leave the house to do some writing. When that is the case, I make sure to set the Security Choice home security alarm. This way, we can mentally focus on our writing rather than worrying the entire time we are out!

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