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Zep it clean for the holidays

It's that time of time of the year again, everyone is trying to get things in order for the holiday season. The first thing on your list is to clean, clean, and more cleaning. I was lucky enough to be offered a chance to try Zep cleaning products through Crowd Tap. I will have to say with a house full of kids and pets I'm always on the lookout for products that I trust that are not harmful and get the job done. I'm pleased to say that Zep cleaning products are at the top of my list this year!

Book of the week: Seraphina: Initiation

Starting this week I will be listing My books of the week. Currently I'm into paranormal romances, it's somtjimg that has just sparked my interest latley. Right now I'm on that angels vs demon kick.  With that said my Author this week is Sheena Hutchinson. I read her first book "Seraphina: The Awakening", and that is exactly what it did. I awoke in this whole new world of Angles and Demons, fighting for good and evil. If you are longing for a good read, something that will be quick because you won't be able to put it down this would be it. Start with the "Seraphina: The Awakening", and you will be drawn to the "Seraphina: Initiation".

This book can be purchased on Amazon. A link to my review is below.

The All New Xpressivo® X1 coffee maker

Introducing the state-of-the-art Xpressivo® X1 coffee maker: Finally, a state-of-the-art, capsule machine that’s easy and affordable for everyone! How would it be to wake up to the perfect cup of Joe? Well here is a way to get started and be your own barista. No more waking up early and waiting in lines to get what you want. The new Kick Starter is all you need at the tips of your fingers!  Simply click this link to learn more:

DIY: Reading Nook

Every girl wants a special place to call their own. A place that they can go to and relax and be themselves. My daughter does all of the above in reading books. She has told me over and over how she really feels like she is apart of the books that she reads. So that gave me the idea that she needed a special place that she could really become one with her books. One day I was browsing through Pinterest and I came across this pin Pinterest Reading Nook it was so simple I had to make it hers!!
Things you need:

1. Curved bathroom shower curtain rod
2. Curtains of your choice
3. A corner in your room.
4. Any accents you may want ( I used Monster High High Voltage String Light. She just happen to get those for her bday).  A few pillows, a soft rug and ribbons for ties.

It's simple just follow the directions for installing the shower rod, then add your curtain and accents.


Monster High Voltage String Light Tutorial

This is my daughter and she loves to watch tutorials on YouTube. One night she came to me and said she would love to start doing them herself. So I hold the camera and she does the rest. If you ask me I would say she is a natural. Hope you enjoy this as much as. We did making it! Please remember to comment, like, and subscribe!

Coppertone Review

I use sunscreen no matter what the weather or temperature as long as the sun is out.  Even while drawing with chalk in the driveway there are chances for sunburn. So even while she is playing I'm able to fix her up and get her set. As a BuzzAgent I was offered to try out the  COPPERTONE® CLEARLYSheer™sunscreens. It's easy as 1. Unlock the lid 2. Point and spray 3. Continue to play. I do reapply after 80 minutes just to be safe. I have always been a fan of coppertone and will continue too since they offer such fantastic products! 

I can remember the days that sunscreen went on heavy and wouldn't run in. You walked around looking if you had played in white finger paint or rolled around in flour and gotten wet. Well the time has changed and so have products. Coppertone sunscreen continuous spray goes on easy with even coverage and is water resistant.
Better yet it goes on clear! It's very easy to use and no hassle, and worry free!
I use sunscreen no matter what the weat…

Made By Me window art tutorial


Fabric Flower Tutorial

Right now I must say I'm Pinterest crazy!! I really want to become that crafty person that can just look at something and bring it to life. Sadly that's not me and I actually have to work at it. So I'm slowly take the much needed steps ( like buying a glue gun) to get my creative fire going. Pinterest has been such a huge tutor for me, I'm really on cloud nine right now with everything I'm learning!! I search everything from organizing, hair styles, to all crafty needs. My newest find was making a flower headband for my daughter.. It's very simple and do quick!
Things you need: Two different fabrics (I got scrap ones from Walmart) Glue gun Felt Elastic headband ( I had plenty around the house) And patience

1. Cut a circle piece from your felt to use as your base. 2. First color fabric cut large circle pieces to be the outside of the flower. 3. Second piece of fabric cut smaller circles to be the inside. 4. Scrunch the large circles in fan shapes and glue them t…