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Flirt! Cosmetics Review

On July 30th I was picked on twitter to be Flirt! It girl of the week! I was so excited!! This has given me a little boost in trying new things with makeup. The picture I submitted was just a simple and easy look , so I was shocked when I found out I had won. The prize was $75 worth of Flirt! makeup. So I received five Flirt! Squeeze Ne Super Shiny Lipgloss in shades;|Sparkling Sugar|Peppermint Fantasy|Plum Delicious|Cranberry Twist|Pink ChampagneI also received Flirt! it Curl lash curlingmascara in Bombshell Black.The Flirt! Squeeze Ne Super Shiny Lipgloss are very light and sheer with a tint of color. In my pictures I have put it on thick so that you can see the actual color on my lips. I’ve chose my favorite 3 shades which are Plum Delicious, Cranberry Twist, and Pink Champagne. I dowear the sparkling sugar a bunch but over my other lipsticks.