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Chuck E Cheese's New Pizza Recipe Review and Giveaway

If your kids are anything like my own they know what are where Chuck E. Cheese is. After my daughters first visit we made detours to avoid driving by because she would cry wanting to stop by. So when I told her that we have the opportunity to review Chuck E. Cheese's new pizza recipe she was more then thrilled.  We were sent the Guest pass that gave us a large pizza, 4 drinks and 30 tokens. This was more then enough for us to share, so we brought along my cousin and her little boy as well. Anytime we go to Chuck E. Cheese I also check my email to see the latest coupons they have, if you haven't already you can sign up for their news letter here.
I'm a big fan when it comes to their pizza, so when I got the email I didn't think there was any way to improve something so good. Boy was I wrong. We ordered half cheese and half pepperoni. I could tell the sauce had a richer flavor and the crust was thinner (I'm a huge friend of thin crust). Not only did I love the pizza my…