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Learning Makeup

When it comes to makeup I have no clue what I’m doing. I’ve never had anyone who would teach me how to do it. Thanks to my friend Khristine (Myfitbeauty) who has produced several how to tutorials, I’m learning a little. Today I used a tutorial from It’s called the Sultry-Colorful-Smokey-Eye and you can see it HERE.Here are mend results, I hope you enjoy!

Deal of the Day: 101 Days of Giveaways August Prizes - (Page 3)

Keep checking back every day in August for a new prize! 101 Days of Giveaways August Prizes - (Page 3)

My Hobbie

I guess you can say I'm a photographer at heart! I love to take pictures, especially of my beautiful daughter. I think life itself is so beautiful. It gives me joy just to be able to capture a second of it on film.
So after an eight year break from school I decided to go back. I’m currently getting associates in Office administration and boy is it killing me. I’ve always said some people just are not meant to go to school, and I still believe I’m one of those people. I plan to graduate with in May, and that day can’t get here soon enough! When I do I will have a double major in general and legal office. So a big hats off to me and a round of applause! I would love to know if have taken a break from school, if so did go back to finish?

Deal of the Day!

Can't beat this deal! Some OldNavy's will be open 30 minutes early. You know I will be there bright an early! New Cami for the beach!! Cami 4 Me!!

Giveaway on My Organized Chaos!

I just entered this giveaway! You can to by simply following this link:

Deal of the Day

This is an awesome sale! They have some nice summer clothes on sale, plus the 30% off. Can't beat this deal!


WorldForMomsOne part of my life many might not know is I co own a website with a good friend. It’s called I consider WorldForMoms to be a part-time job for me. WorldForMoms is a fun and free online community, created by a Mom. It's a place for moms & women to come together and share a common interest - Anything from parenting advice, fitness, beauty-tips etc.WFM Offers Personal Photo Albums, Photo Contests, Forum Games, Due Date Calendar, an Awesome arcade, Social Groups and most of all we are a friendly bunch of Moms/women that love meeting new moms, helping out and sharing parenting advice, health advice, beauty and fitness knowledge and sharing friendships which is our most important aspect at WFM.Right now, I’m working on updating the site with reviews I’ve done for some of our sponsors. I will also update my blog with a few too.

Wedding Planning

So as stressful as it is, I'm trying this whole wedding planning myself. So far it has not been an easy task. I can't seem to make up my mind, or make things match. I'm also looking at the fact we are borderline broke. We just bought a new house so money is tight right now.So I have been looking at my options when it comes to paying for a wedding. I have tried to obtain some sponsors to help us a long the way. I know it sounds crazy, I mean who will sponsor a wedding. I did a little bit of research and I've found it's very common. I have typed up a letter that I have sent to several companies and I hope to get some kind of replies. I've already had several hits, can't wait to see what else will come. I will continue to update my blog on my findings.