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I have always felt as though it is important to teach our kids the value of money. I don’t like the thought of spoiling them and giving them everything they want. I want to teach them it’s important to know that the things we want out of life, won’t be handed to us, but earned.  Earning money fall high in this category, it’s very important for me that they know what it means to save for what you want in life. I have been looking for the right tools to help my girls and teach them the true value of money.  With some research I have found that there is a product, which not only helps adults, but also children to understand the value of money.
You will now have the actual tools to use with your kids to teach them about spending, saving and giving. There is a short pamphlet on the actual "teaching" and the rest of the package has the chore list, envelope system and tracking for savings.  This is a hand on tool that will give your children the reinforcement they need to be success…