I have always felt as though it is important to teach our kids the value of money. I don’t like the thought of spoiling them and giving them everything they want. I want to teach them it’s important to know that the things we want out of life, won’t be handed to us, but earned.  Earning money fall high in this category, it’s very important for me that they know what it means to save for what you want in life. I have been looking for the right tools to help my girls and teach them the true value of money.  With some research I have found that there is a product, which not only helps adults, but also children to understand the value of money.

You will now have the actual tools to use with your kids to teach them about spending, saving and giving. There is a short pamphlet on the actual "teaching" and the rest of the package has the chore list, envelope system and tracking for savings. 
This is a hand on tool that will give your children the reinforcement they need to be successful. In this set you will be introduced to Junior. You kids will love the adventures he goes through dealing with day to day activities. You child can either read this books or listen to the audio CDs. I have used the audio CD’s in long car rides. The stories are good for the younger kids, because in some ways they all can relate to them.
Dave Ramseys products will help you to teach your children, even young children, the value of money and the linkage to hard work.

About Dave Ramsey and his products:
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host and New York Times best-selling
 author Dave Ramsey has created a line of products for kids that takes his
 financial expertise and applies it to kids in a fun, easy to learn
 experience. The book series is based on Junior, a young boy who learns the
 valuable lessons of giving, sharing, and spending. There are six
 illustrated books in the series that cover lessons such as "Junior
 Discovers Spending," "Junior Discovers Work," and "Junior Discovers
 Integrity." The books are also available in an audio format and come in a
 cool aluminum lunchbox with Junior and his friends on the front. They are
 the perfect companion for travelling and bedtime story readying. The set
 of 6 Junior books is available for $59.99. The audiobooks are also
 available in a collectible lunchbox for $39.95.

 Dave has also taken his acclaimed financial advice on the basics of
 giving, saving and spending and created Financial Peace, Junior, a kit of
 information and materials that helps parents teach their children how to
 practice the principles that they read about in Junior's book series. The
 Financial Peace Jr. kit comes with wet-erase boards to keep track of
 savings and commission; an activity book with stories and games; magnets
 for giving, saving, and spending; a kid's sized calculator; envelope
 system; and an instruction manual for parents. Financial Peace Jr. is a
 great way for parents and kids to grow closer and learn the value of money
 together. Financial Peace, Junior retails for $19.95.

 Junior also has a bank, divided up into sections for Giving, Spending and
 Saving, available for kids to take what they are learning and apply it in
 real life. The bank features the characters from the Junior book series
 and is clear plastic so that kids are able to see their money grow. The
 bank is available for $19.95.

With all these skills that we are giving our children today, I’m sure this is the jump start they will need in the future to be debt free.


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