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A Giveaway to Celebrate the release Pirates of the Caribbean

To help Disney celebrate the release of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Sweet Life By Nicole is hosting a pirates of the Caribbean Giveaway!! If you have not heard this movie is awesome and in 3D!

Captain Jack is back and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES sailed into theatres everywhere on May 20th! If you loved the first three you will love this one! There is a lot of suspense and thrills and not to mention Johnny Depp! This movie reminds me that Disney isn’t just for the kids, but also for the kids at heart!

Here is a brief synopsis of the fourth Pirates adventure:
Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) finds himself on an unexpected journey to the fabled Fountain of Youth when a woman from his past
(Penélope Cruz) forces him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane).

Now for the Giveaway: Tell us about your favorite clip or scene from any of the Pirates of The Caribbean Movies! For an extra entry like Pirates of the Caribbean on face b…

:: Closed:: Hasbro Perfection Review and Giveaway

With summer here and school is out, most families will be traveling the roads. Parents are always looking for a great way to keep our kids entertained. We have been able to keep our kids entertained on rainy days with Hasbro board games, and now we can take that entertainment on the road with Hasbro travel size games! These travel size games brings the joy of the regular games such as perfection, hungry hippo, battle ship, connect four and so much more.  When I was chosen to review a copy of Perfection it brought back so many memories for me. I remember when I was younger and the anticipation of the timer going off and all the pieces popping out at you is great! I was able to share this experience with my daughter. She is four and learning her shapes and matching so this game is also a learning experience for her. She loves to try and beat the clock and still jumps (as well as I do) when the timer goes off and the pieces pop out! Now time for the Giveaway! Please comment your favorite …

Skin MD Natural Review and Giveaway

During the transition of the seasons, my skin that is exposed to the elements tends to get pretty dry. I’m always on the lookout for skin care, moisturizer/lotion that I can use all over from head to toe. I’m looking for something that I can use on my face that won’t be to oily and break my face out, but something strong enough to take the dryness out of my hands. I constantly wash my hands and use hand sanitizer (I work in a hospital) so my hands tend to be on the dry side. In my search for a good lotion/moisturizer I had a chance to review Skin MD’s Natural Shielding Lotion. I have been very pleased with this product. I have been able to use Skin MD on my face as a moisturizer, and I have not had any problems out of it. I have found that with some moisturizers and lotions they can leave your skin feeling tacky or overly moist. Skin MD is a light formula and leaves my skin soft and smooth after applying. I’m always excited to come across skin care that I can you all year round!

Dressing up my home's patio area

Guest post written by Kimmy Hallman
Making your home feeling like a luxurious space is something that you can do even if you live in a small place. It's all about what you do with the area that you have, not how much area you have. So the next little area of my home that I'm concentrating on so I can make my home its absolute best is my patio area. I've put a few pieces of random furniture to go with my grill in my patio area, but that doesn't really entice me to stay out there. But this space makeover is to make me actually use my grill a little more. I looked aroudn online to see what other people have done with the patio areas of their own homes nad while I was doing that I ran across some I looked into them a little bit more and after that I decided to take advantage of them. Well I know that I dfeinitely wnat matching furniture out there. I think it would also be neat to find an outdoor rug to put out there to make it feel like more of a homey indoo…

Update on Everything

Hello Everyone!! I know it has been a couple of weeks since my last blog post, but the days in the Life of Nicole have been super busy! I have so much going on right now at times it can be over whelming! To start things off I have recently started back working, after taking a yearlong break from work to finish up school and to stay home with my daughter the last year before she starts preschool. It has been such a hard adjustment not being home with her every day and not having free time to get much needed chores done. It has been hard, but I think I’m finally finding a routine that works for me. I love my new job and the people I work with. It is hard to find a place where you can mesh with your coworkers so easy, but I have been lucky to find that place.
With starting work, there are also a lot of things going on personally with me. I finally graduate college this month! May 10th will be one of my proudest days. This has been a true hurdle for me to overcome. I never thought this day…