:: Closed:: Hasbro Perfection Review and Giveaway

With summer here and school is out, most families will be traveling the roads. Parents are always looking for a great way to keep our kids entertained. We have been able to keep our kids entertained on rainy days with Hasbro board games, and now we can take that entertainment on the road with Hasbro travel size games! These travel size games brings the joy of the regular games such as perfection, hungry hippo, battle ship, connect four and so much more.  When I was chosen to review a copy of Perfection it brought back so many memories for me. I remember when I was younger and the anticipation of the timer going off and all the pieces popping out at you is great! I was able to share this experience with my daughter. She is four and learning her shapes and matching so this game is also a learning experience for her. She loves to try and beat the clock and still jumps (as well as I do) when the timer goes off and the pieces pop out!
Now time for the Giveaway!
Please comment your favorite Hasbro memory and your favorit game! One winner will be chosen to win their own Hasbro travel game!


  1. I love that all the games have stayed the same. It's like you relive all your childhood memories. Hungry hippos is my favorite.


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