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My Girl's New Paradise

My daughters are growing and starting to show their own personalities and I wanted to do something for them that would last longer than the usual toy.  Something that will help them come into their own and really fit their own personality.  So I decided to decorate their rooms to fit their personalities and their likes. From the start I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task. So I sat the girls down, had them pick several colors they liked, then one color that was their favorite. The favorite color is the color we choose to fit the décor around.  Nikyra being the girly girl she is pinked pink as her favorite color. And not just any pink, it had to be a bubble gum pink.  Janae wanted a dark purple almost the color of a grape.  So my husband and I ventured out to Lows to find the right paint colors we chose Pink-Flutter for Nikyra, and Simply Purple for Janae. It took us a while, because we had to find a color that worked best with the lighting in the girl’s room. Since we use energy …