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Fabric Flower Tutorial

Right now I must say I'm Pinterest crazy!! I really want to become that crafty person that can just look at something and bring it to life. Sadly that's not me and I actually have to work at it. So I'm slowly take the much needed steps ( like buying a glue gun) to get my creative fire going. Pinterest has been such a huge tutor for me, I'm really on cloud nine right now with everything I'm learning!! I search everything from organizing, hair styles, to all crafty needs. My newest find was making a flower headband for my daughter.. It's very simple and do quick!
Things you need: Two different fabrics (I got scrap ones from Walmart) Glue gun Felt Elastic headband ( I had plenty around the house) And patience

1. Cut a circle piece from your felt to use as your base. 2. First color fabric cut large circle pieces to be the outside of the flower. 3. Second piece of fabric cut smaller circles to be the inside. 4. Scrunch the large circles in fan shapes and glue them t…