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Review: Salsa Sensations

One of my favorite foods is Mexican, and I love to go to restaurants that serve chips and salsa before your entre. I’m one of those people that can eat and eat salsa and chips and not get full and still want more.  I was recently asked to review Salsa Sensations. This salsa comes in 3 different flavors Mild (which is perfect for my kids), Medium (which I love), and Hot (perfect for the Fiancé).  This salsa reminds me so much of restaurant style salsa by its taste. It has so many flavors in every bite, and it’s not too chunky. It has just the right consistency for me. This makes the perfect salsa to add to your recipes to spice things up a bit, without taking away from the dish. One thing I do like to mix with salsa is Velveeta cheese! The best part about is that is really inexpensive and can be bought locally at Wal-Mart. This product has been Mother tested and Kid approved by my family. We will defiantly continue to use Salsa Sensations in the future. 
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:: CLOSED::Get Organized: Dotmine Day Planners Review/Giveaway

The Winner Is Lakissha Hunter Williams !

It seems as if there is not enough hours in the day to accomplish what I need done. So in order to keep myself on track I always try to write down some sort of a timeline. With the kids, school, and planning a wedding I seem to have my hands full and I’m always forgetting something. I’m so bad for writing notes and important dates on scrap pieces of paper and throwing them away on accident. I was excited to find out I was getting a Dotmine Daily Planner to review. This planner lets me organize my school life, family, and business (my blogging). This planner is a two year planner, so any plans I have in advance I feel comfortable enough to write them down and not lose them. I have a white board that is only a monthly board and I have to erase everything for the next month. With this Dotmine planner, I will be able to transfer everything that I have schedule and also have a record of it after erasing. Like the title says this is a Review/Giveaway,…

Real or Fake?

I have been looking at alternatives to spruce up my home. I’ve looked at adding area rugs, to pictures to plants. I think I have come to the conclusion that Artificial flowers are the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of real plants, I’m just not the right person to take care of them. I have been looking through many sites for plants that look real and alive something to give the house a bit of an outdoors feel. I have come across these Artificial plants, as we all know artificial plants don’t last forever, so while searching I’m looking for something that is beautiful with a good quality to them. With just a little up keep with dusting every now and then Artificial plants are really hassle free. With no watering, fading, and a good quality I think I will go fake for now or until I can develop a green thumb.

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Looking for a good Rug

I have been looking for a rug for our living room. With hard floors and kids I am always concerned with their safety. I’m not a big fan of carpet, so when we had our house built I requested to have laminate floors put in. I’m thinking that putting down a rug in the living room will save on damage control when the kids are in there rough housing. I have been looking for a stylish rug, which will do the job of protecting the floor, but also give the room a stylish look. I have been looking at these Bamboo Mat and the Jute rugs.   I need help deciding.  Both of these styles will give me a natural tone to the room. They are more modern then your typical area rug with designs on it. They keep the style simple to coordinate with almost any room décor. Check out the two choices Jute rugs and Bamboo Mat, and let me know what you think.

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Sponsored Post: High Adrenaline Gift Ideas

I’ m fast approaching my thirties, and I think back and say where has time gone. When I was younger there were so many things that I said I would do before my thirties that I haven’t been able to build up the courage to do.Hot air balloon rides have been on that list from at one point and time. I once had the opportunity to ride in one, but I passed on. My fear of heights got the best of me. So I was thinking, since I’m 29 a good gift for myself would be to test my fears. My personal fee of heights could be touched in so many ways. Gift ideas could be that Hot air balloon ride, sky diving, or learning to fly. The closes thing I have done to conquer my fear is bungee jumping. I can tell you it was the adrenaline that got me through it. No other feeling beats that feeling of free falling. If you are looking for a wild and crazy gift idea for the adrenaline seeking friend I have a good website for you to check out, they cover everything from hot air balloon r…

Sponsored Post: Nursing Uniforms

For those of you that work in a health related profession or field, or just trying to find comfortable uniform, that also is stylish and complete. While the uniform may consist of Nurses scrubs tops and bottoms, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for less and just be a boring plain jane. I love all of the wonderful colors and styles that are available at their store! I have worked in the medical field and I like most like matching tops, scrub pants and scrub jackets. At this site you can find matching scrub sets and Nursing Uniforms! You will find scrubs for both men and women at an affordably priced! In the economy that we are working in, it is always a pleasure finding an online store with reasonable prices for any income range..
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Sweet Life By Nicole Update: 2/18/11

Hello to all my readers and all my newest followers!
I just want to say thank you to everyone that follows me and checks in from time to time. One great thing about checking in is I always have a giveaway running. I do giveaways as a way to say thank you to all my readers and followers.  Giveaways: Celebrating Life Book Giveaway. Past Winners: Jessi is our winner!Upcoming: I have several upcoming giveaways Reach, Rembrandt, Zhu Zhu Pets, and many more to come. So keep a look out for those! If you are wanting to get updates of everything going on in my life, please subscribe to the newsletter on left side of my blog! If you are a mother and looking to connect with other moms check out It's a great place to share advice and experiences.

The Winner of the Flowerz in Her Hair Giveaway

The Winner of the Flowerz in Her Hair Giveaway is JESSI! Congrats to you! I know you will love these products as much as I have! The winner was chosen by www.random.orgclick here to view. Jessie has 48 hours to email me her info to pass along for her prize!

Win a One-Year Subscription to Your Favorite Gossip Mag

Win a One-Year Subscription to Your Favorite Gossip Mag
We know it, you know it:women love celebrity dirt. This Valentine’s Day, a new mobile campaign fromClorox® Regular-Bleachhelps women clean up their own dirt while they enjoy their Hollywood news.
Clorox is sharingquick clean-up tips on how to keep fashionable winter whites white, keep flowers fresh longer and host a Hollywood-style party. And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, a girl can use some help. Tips like…  * Nothing says “I love you” like roses. Want to enjoy those flowers longer than a celebrity romance? Just add ¼ teaspoon of Clorox®Regular-Bleach to each quart of cold water you put in the vase. *Got a stain from a heart-shaped chocolate on your favorite whites?It’ll come out in a snap once you add ¾ cup Clorox® Regular-Bleach to the hot water and detergent in your washing machine. To get more tips from Clorox® Regular-Bleach and extend the Valentine’s Day romance, readers can enter the Get the Dirt, but Keep i…

Celebrating Love: Share, Remember,Cherish GIVEAWAY

What better way to share how much you love someone the with flowers. Flowers can make any moment in life memorable whether it's for your wife, girl friend, mother, or just that special person in your life. I have used 1-800 in the past for many occasions, they are alway prompt on shipping and having what you like. I

Celebrating Love: Share, Remember, Cherish follows Celebrating Mom in a new gift series from and founder Jim McCann.

Reinforcing the and philosophy of helping customers express, connect, and celebrate, McCann balances the practical with the inspirational, and the poignant with the profound, inside this collection of authentic love stories. Full-color drawings illustrate the book throughout and are interspersed with meaningful quotes and little-known facts about love and affection. Divided into four sections based on the distinct seasons of love, Celebrating Love features 150 entries.

Happy Valentine's Day

I want to wish all my readers a Happy Valentine's Day! This is just a token of my affection to everyone that follows me and keeps up with my blogging! On that note, I want to give a shout out to my Love Jess for the wonderful Present I received! I was not expecting anything because I believe in showing your love and affection for each other every day, and not just holding out for this one day in the year. I'm truly blessed to have this man as my life long partner! I can't wait till the day we Say I DO! I would love to hear your plans and thoughts on Valentine's Day. How will you be spending the day? Our day will go on as planned. I will spend the day with the girls, and let them open their Valentine's day present from us. Cook dinner and have it ready for when he comes home.

Writing Poems and Stories

Writing Poems and Stories Posted by Heriberto Fuentes To get my kids ready for school, I like to get them mentally motivated for school. As a writer, I love to write stories and fiction. I also love to see my kids write fiction and stories. As a writer, however, I also know how easy it is for the mind to become lazy after only a few days of no work. That is why I make my kids do a bit of fun writing over the winter break. I really don't care what my kids write about, as long as I see their pens moving on a sheet of paper and writing words. I love to see my kids write poems or stories about whatever they wish. It is always fascinating to see the way my kids' minds work. I think any parent will get a kick out of reading a story w ritten by a child. When my kids complain they have no ideas, I simply give them a few prompts. I will ask them to make a story about a magical candy shop or other sort of mythical object, which usually does the trick. Sometimes we will leave the house to do…

Power Rangers: Samurai Preview/Review

I have always been a fan of the Power Rangers, and it’s hard to believe that they are in their 19th season. In my opinion any show that has been in circulation that long is a show of quality. I have been given the opportunity to review the season premiere of Power Rangers: Samurai that debuts on Nickelodeon Monday, Feb. 7th at 8pm EST. The Power Rangers have been the world's most successful kids action series is in its 19th season and has moved from Disney to Nickelodeon and just got a shiny, martial-arts-influenced reboot. Combining comedy with action-filled storylines, the all-new half-hour series features a new cast of Rangers and never-before-seen villains, as well as high-octane action, martial arts and advanced special effects. The emPOWER movement will launch along with the new series.  emPOWER provides parents and kids the tools they need to work together to grow healthy kids and support healthy communities.  emPOWER inspires participation in schools, online and in local com… Review and Giveaway

I have a little Diva, who loves to dress up and accessorize. I was giving a wonderful opportunity to review three headbands and a flower clip from Flowerz in Her Hair.  I’m so happy that I have been able to work with this wonderful Company. Amy is very professional and generous. The products that she has supplied to me are of the highest quality I have seen. The super stretch nylon head bands are perfect for my daughter. She loves to wear the elastic hair bands, but can only tolerate them for a little while. I get concerned with elastic headbands, because they leave an indention on her head. With the Super stretch head bands, we didn’t have that problem. These headbands stretch and flex around her head. She had no problems wearing them all day. Not only did I receive the headbands, I also received a cute Funky Flowers clip. These are interchangeable with the headbands, or you can wear them alone. They clip in with an alligator clip. “Each product is meant to be comfortable for your li…

Salsa Sensations “What’s Your Craving Contest” – Win $1000! #salsacraving

I love the holidays and one thing every holiday has in common is food. One of the main appetizers I love to serve is chips and salsa. A good salsa can make any appetizer or dish the best.  A good brand that I have personally tested and fell in love with is Salsa Sensation.  Salsa Sensationsis exclusively sold at Walmart for less than 2.00, which is a deal you can’t beat. Along with this good news Salsa Sensation is looking for your own healthy snack recipe using salsa!

What's the Contest All About? Salsa Sensations is searching for creative and healthy after-school snack recipes using Salsa Sensations brand salsa. Available in three flavors: mild, medium and hot, Salsa Sensations is flavorful and fresh and is available exclusively in your local Wal-Mart in the refrigerated dairy section. Salsa Sensations invites anyone to submit healthy, delicious recipe ideas to win a $1,000 Wal-Mart gift card! There are two options to submit an entry: Create one video (at least 30 seconds in length)…