Looking for a good Rug

I have been looking for a rug for our living room. With hard floors and kids I am always concerned with their safety. I’m not a big fan of carpet, so when we had our house built I requested to have laminate floors put in. I’m thinking that putting down a rug in the living room will save on damage control when the kids are in there rough housing. I have been looking for a stylish rug, which will do the job of protecting the floor, but also give the room a stylish look. I have been looking at these Bamboo Mat and the Jute rugs.   I need help deciding.  Both of these styles will give me a natural tone to the room. They are more modern then your typical area rug with designs on it. They keep the style simple to coordinate with almost any room d├ęcor. Check out the two choices Jute rugs and Bamboo Mat, and let me know what you think.

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  1. I just stumbled on this -- did you find your rug? I just wanted to say that it sounds like even though you are happy with the modern look of jute and bamboo, that part of you may like the traditional design of area rugs as well. I just thought I'd suggest an Indian dhurrie (sp?) rug or something like that or maybe a Persian Tabriz. I just found one online that keeps the tones neutral but has a cool geometrical design -- http://www.rugsite.info/RugDetail.aspx?itemno=38744&pageno=6

    Anyway, take care!


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