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The Mommy Diaries: How I'm Surviving Parenting without Killing Anyone

I was offered the chance to review a copy of “The Mommy Diaries” by humorist Dallas Louis. When I first read the title I had to admit, this is how I often feel at times. So I knew this was going to be a good read. I have two kids three years apart from each other, and I feel like a tornado has hit me at the end of each day. After hearing what the Author Dallas Louis had to go through, I couldn’t imagine having three kids all born within 26 months of each other.

What do you get when you mix a crawling toddler, a screaming baby, and a sudden craving for pickles and ice cream all over again?
Sheer panic, for starters.
After having three children within 26 months (none are twins), Dallas Louis’ life has been a non-stop circus. From nearly getting kicked out of Disneyland after her youngest tackled Cinderella, to being on a first name basis with her family orthopedic surgeon, Louis’ children and home life are a constant source of material – enough to fill her new book,The Mommy Diaries: How …

The Kickstarter Campaign

First time children’s book author Nick Dazé, is in the final days (63 hours to be exact) of his campaign to raise funding to independently publish his children's book Roger Nix President at Age Six.  The story is about kindergartener Roger Nix, an ordinary boy: Roger loves kindergarten, playing make-believe, and hanging out with his imaginary friends (a baby donkey named Jack and a baby elephant named Abe). But when he learns about the plans of Old Man Plee, a perennial presidential candidate, to shut down schools and send kids to work in factories as an austerity measure; Roger decides to run against Old Man Plee as a defender of “school and summer vacation, learning and imagination”. Of course Abe and Jack are there to help him every step of the way. Nick Daze and his incredible Kickstarter campaign( already raised nearly $22,000 and only has $8,000 more to go in order to put the book into production. …