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A Sweet Life of Innocence 2

A Sweet Life of Innocence 2
I have always loved Disney movies. I loved them as a child and from all these years I still feel like a kid at heart watching them with my daughter. I love the fact that Disney has stayed true to their young viewers. Like in some kid movies there are jokes and comments that only adults would get. With Disney their movies are for the pure enjoyment of the child. I made a previous post of how much my daughter loves Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, this has become her all time favorite movie. In the past two years we have played this movie so much that we have gone through 2 copies of it. It has gotten to the point that I play the soundtrack over and over in the car driving (which is a good thing, I rather her listen to the little mermaid over the radio). I wanted to share this video with my readers, because it will show you the true love my daughter has for this movie. If you don’t believe in love at first site, this video will change your mind. Seeing her react…

Need a Blog Make-Over

If you are looking for a blog make-over, you have to check out Kate at! She is awesome to work with and very professional. I had no clue what I wanted my blog to look like. I gave her a color palette to work with and with her creativeness she did the rest. She captured me and my style in the style of the blog. She works very hard and is very proficient in what she does. I was told it would take 2 to 3 days and it was just that. She let me she let me preview everything before it went live, so I could have my blog to my liking! I would definitely recommend Kate to anyone looking for a blog makeover! 

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::Contest::Yo Gabba Gabba Live Tour

I would like to announce the Yo gabba gabba! Party in my city live tour is going on now. The live show is being sponsored by Kia Motors! (I know everyone loved Muno in their super bowl ad)! To help promote the show WorldForMoms is hosting a giveaway and I will also be doing a review! I will be seeing the show live on November 3rd at The Historic Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN. To see where you can catch the live show, check out: . Come join us at for your chance to win! Contest rules: Since we want to get the word out about Yo Gabba Gabba Live this will be a referral Contest!! You must be a member of Worldformoms, old or new anyone can join in! If you are not a member all you have to do is register, its free and a lot of fun! 1.Follow Yo Gabba Gabba on Twitter: 2.Tweet about the contest. (Only one tweet per day will count as one entry) 3.Follow WorldForMoms on Twitter: 4.Post about t…

Orglamix Review

Orglamix Review

Mineral makeup has become known world wide. People are turning to mineral makeup because they have no fillers or harsh chemicals that can cause clogged pores and blemishes. Orglamix Pure Organic Mineral Eye shadow offers a wide variety of bright vibrant colors that are 100% pure mineral pigments that deliver gorgeous smudge-proof, crease-free and water-resistant color in one stroke. 
I was offered to do a review, and in this review I was to choose three products from the organic eye shadow, foundation, or glow. It was so hard for me to just choose three colors. They have every color in the rainbow and beyond. I had to narrow down my choices so, I chose two eye colors in solar andVetiverand I also chose pure organic mineral glow in Tourmaline.
 The glow can also be used as a bronzer/blush (I even used it as a highlight for my eyes). All of their pigments are versatile and can vary in use, from eye, lips, cheeks and even nails.When you get your purchase they come in 8g jars…

To Shoot a Hummingbird

I was at my grandmothers the other day and while sitting on her porch and a hummingbird kept coming up to the feeder. It cane by several times and each time it would stay longer and longer. I thought what a great thing to get on camera. Well it was easier said then done. I didn’t realize at the time how fast these birds are. After 2 hours of me concentrating on this feeder I finally did it. One I didn't realize I did, and the other is blurry, but glad I got it. These little birds are so fast and every time it would come into view, it took my camera too long to focus. When I had the camera on manual focus, I was just not fast enough when I realized the bird was at the feeder. Why am I so fascinated with this bird? Growing up my dad would always buy my mom any and everything that had to do with hummingbirds. Our kitchen in the house I grew up was decorated in hummingbirds. So always when I see a humming bird it makes me think of my mom. She was delighted to see these pictures I took…

A Sweet Life Of Innocence

A Sweet Life of Innocence
I can sit back and remember the fun I had growing up. It seems like back then everything was so innocent. I didn’t have a care in the world. My parents never worried about us playing outside by ourselves, or walking around the neighborhoods visiting neighbors. We were free to come and go as we pleased. I sit her and think about how much my world has changed. How the times were it was ok to be a care free child has gone. I see myself as a parent now and how I’m always with my daughter. I always have one eye on her and the other on the world around her. I look in my daughters eyes and know I want her to feel the way I did when I was her age. So I have started to introduce her to the things I did when I was growing up! I started last year with playing in the leaves and being outside even when it’s cold out. Introducing her to movies that I used to watch when I was little. One of my all time favorites was Disney “The Little Mermaid”, and surprisingly it has become h…

Sigma Professional Brush Kit Review

I was sent the Sigma professional brush kit for face and eyes a few weeks ago to try out. I waited a while before I reviewed them to see how they behaved after I used and washed them several times.

I have heard that Sigma is a brand that is popular for replicating Mac's brushes. I don’t personally own any Mac brushes, but from the research I have done they are quite the comparison. I have had these brushes for about three weeks now. I have washed them all at least twice in Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. With these brushes, I haven't experienced any bleeding or shedding. I don’t own any professional brushes, but compared to the drugstore brands I have you can feel these are a much higher quality.

This kit came with a pamphlet that lists all the brushes and their uses. I have been known to use one brush for every makeup application, from my eye’s to cheeks to concealer. Having this pamphlet was very helpful for me as I am a beginner with using these brushes, and applying make u…

Updates for my Blog!

I know it’s been a while since I have posted on my blog so I just wanted to update everyone! August has been a busy month. We took a vacations, my step daughter just started kindergarten, and I started back to school after a months break. I have a couple exciting things to update my blog with.1.I have an upcoming review for sigmabeauty.com2.I have a review for Ecomom.com3.I have a review for Orglamix (organic mineral makeup)I also will have updates on my products from watching makeup tutorials!!