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New Christmas Tradition!

This month has gone by so fast, and I guess it’s because I have been super busy. School is finally over for the year, Christmas shopping is done, and now it is time to relax! I was going to do a wish list this year, but my biggest wish was fulfilled by getting my girls everything they wanted. So this year I will pass on my wish list and have a nice one for next year. I think I have started a new tradition with my family. Every year I want the girls to have something home made from either me or their Dad. This year the present came from me. I made them both a “No Sew Blanket”. 

It was simple to do and so much fun, not to mention they are so soft and warm. I can’t wait to see their faces when they open them up. My youngest loves blankets and has kept, and still plays with all her baby blankets. So this will be something she likes. So as we count down these last two days, I want to tell all my followers and readers: Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I will post again before the…

Update and Giveaway!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I just wanted to do a quick update on things that have been happening! I just finished up with the Hasbro Review and Giveaway. Congrats to Zestywonderland! I love to help and bring Women together that have things in common. With us mothers it is good to find a place to share ideas and advice that we might not find elsewhere. If you are looking for a place that offers just that check us out at! We have a couple of Giveaways going on right now at to show appreciation to our members!! If you are not a member yet, please feel free to join. It’s free and so much fun to take part in!! Win a copy of PaintShop Pro X3:!! Win a pair of Kool Kids Legs: Win a pair Of Ez Sox: Win “Your Life in Co…

Hasbro Review and Giveaway: Cuponk and Girltalk { Ended}

What Shot You Got?
This month,Cuponkwas named to the Toys R Us “Hot Holiday Toy List” and the Kmart “Fab 15.” Not a bad way to start the holiday season! We’d like for you to try this hot game and tell us what you think! Cuponk challenges players to come up with custom trick shots to show their skills and land the ball in the Cuponk cup.
My Thoughts: This game has been a big hit with my family. Girls and boys alike go crazy over this game. This game lets you get the competitive edge, but in a fun way. Watching the kids trying to get their own trick shots down is hilarious. This game is also not for kids, but adults as well who feel like a Kid at heart!

LOL Moments Shine
The giggles are uncontrollable when theHasbro Girl Talk Gamesare out. These games are perfect for fun slumber parties and to keep those “lol moments” alive during the holiday season. Each Girl Talk game, including Dare Confetti, Sparkle Spots, and Sassy Sticks, gets girls and families talking, bonding, and laughing!
My Thoug…