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The Dark Prince Blog Tour

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review an ARC copy of “The Dark Price” by S.L. Jennings. I’m a huge fan of paranormal series, but it’s hard to find one that holds your attention, and makes you not want to put it down. I can tell you I have not had that problem with this series. This book has everything you could want suspense, romance, humor, the whole nine yards.  This book picks up where “Dark Light” Left off with a cliffhanger. When we last were with Gabs she was coming to the realization who Dorian her lover really is. Her true past was unfolding right in front of her eyes.
Synopsis for The Dark Prince
·Dorian Skotos is Dark. And although that brand of sheer, unrelenting evil is a direct threat to her life, Gabriella is tragically in love with him. Gabriella knew it was all too good to be true. The way his touch radiated electricity right to her core, the way his ice blue eyes somehow made panties drop involuntarily, how his sexy half-smile crumbled the barriers around h…

Purex Crystals for Baby Review

I'm a huge fan of my clothes smelling clean and fresh days after being washed. So when I was first introduced to Purex crystals I was beyond ecstatic. Now that I have a daughter with sensitive skin I'm not able to use any strong perfume smelling detergents or fabric softness. Until now, Purex has made their crystals for Babies too! I use the Purex baby detergent along with the crystals and I love it. It's not a strong over powering scent, but it does keep her clothes fresh. I would have to give Purex a big thumbs up for this!