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Zep it clean for the holidays

It's that time of time of the year again, everyone is trying to get things in order for the holiday season. The first thing on your list is to clean, clean, and more cleaning. I was lucky enough to be offered a chance to try Zep cleaning products through Crowd Tap. I will have to say with a house full of kids and pets I'm always on the lookout for products that I trust that are not harmful and get the job done. I'm pleased to say that Zep cleaning products are at the top of my list this year!

Book of the week: Seraphina: Initiation

Starting this week I will be listing My books of the week. Currently I'm into paranormal romances, it's somtjimg that has just sparked my interest latley. Right now I'm on that angels vs demon kick.  With that said my Author this week is Sheena Hutchinson. I read her first book "Seraphina: The Awakening", and that is exactly what it did. I awoke in this whole new world of Angles and Demons, fighting for good and evil. If you are longing for a good read, something that will be quick because you won't be able to put it down this would be it. Start with the "Seraphina: The Awakening", and you will be drawn to the "Seraphina: Initiation".

This book can be purchased on Amazon. A link to my review is below.