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The Game of Life zAPPed Review

I had an opportunity to review Hasbro’s The Game of Life zAPPed edition. Hasbro has found a way to bring a classic game into the world of electronics. The Game ofLife zApped edition allows you to interact with a game in a whole new way. It uses the free Game of Life zAPPed app from the iTunes app store that allows for a whole new interactive experience during the game. 

This game is played as the original; the biggest difference is your Ipad takes the place of the plastic spinner in the middle or the board. Your Ipad takes the place of the plastic spinner that used to sit in the middle of the game board.  You still have the same cars and the  pink and blue pegs that are used as players. With the Ipad app when you lad on a zapp spot you can unlock mini games, funny animations or clips from “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. With more interaction with the game you will never want to stop playing it. This game has been a big hit with my family and I would recommend this to anyone that is lo…