To Shoot a Hummingbird

I was at my grandmothers the other day and while sitting on her porch and a hummingbird kept coming up to the feeder. It cane by several times and each time it would stay longer and longer. I thought what a great thing to get on camera. Well it was easier said then done. I didn’t realize at the time how fast these birds are. After 2 hours of me concentrating on this feeder I finally did it. One I didn't realize I did, and the other is blurry, but glad I got it. These little birds are so fast and every time it would come into view, it took my camera too long to focus. When I had the camera on manual focus, I was just not fast enough when I realized the bird was at the feeder. Why am I so fascinated with this bird? Growing up my dad would always buy my mom any and everything that had to do with hummingbirds. Our kitchen in the house I grew up was decorated in hummingbirds. So always when I see a humming bird it makes me think of my mom. She was delighted to see these pictures I took. I promise to be able to post better pictures one day.


  1. Newest follower from bloggy moms! You have a beautiful family :)

    Hope you stop by and visit me soon

  2. Hi! I found you on bloggymoms too! I joined the photo group even though my blog is not a photo blog either! I think it's so awesome you caught a hummingbird! Anyway, I'm in school getting my degree in photography and graphic design right now (but focusing my blog on my weight loss) so I'm really looking forward to seeing some of your hobby photos on here! :) p.s. I have a canon 40d, not much different from the rebel- they're the best!

  3. Every time I see one I find myself shouting, "Look, there's a hummingbird!" I have no idea why I get so excited about them, I just do!


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