Power Rangers: Samurai Preview/Review

I have always been a fan of the Power Rangers, and it’s hard to believe that they are in their 19th season. In my opinion any show that has been in circulation that long is a show of quality. I have been given the opportunity to review the season premiere of Power Rangers: Samurai that debuts on Nickelodeon Monday, Feb. 7th at 8pm EST. The Power Rangers have been the world's most successful kids action series is in its 19th season and has moved from Disney to Nickelodeon and just got a shiny, martial-arts-influenced reboot.
Combining comedy with action-filled storylines, the all-new half-hour series features a new cast of Rangers and never-before-seen villains, as well as high-octane action, martial arts and advanced special effects. The emPOWER movement will launch along with the new series.  emPOWER provides parents and kids the tools they need to work together to grow healthy kids and support healthy communities. 
emPOWER inspires participation in schools, online and in local communities to demonstrate the Power Rangers values:
 * Standing for What's Right
 Teamwork and Cooperation
 * Confidence
 * Health and Physical Fitness
Caring and Friendship
I also wanted to mention the Power Rangers in-school program. During February 2011, Gym Class Kits including Fitness guides and bulletin board messaging will be delivered to more than 4500 participating U.S. elementary schools, reaching more than 1.5MM students.  What a way to give back

My Thoughts:
I think this season of the Power Rangers will do just fine. I watched the premier episode with my 3 year old daughter and she loved it. They have updated the show from their costumes, to the electronics they use.  I love the way that the Power Rangers promotes exercise and that they make it a big focus of their day. Just from watching this sneak peak, my daughter wants to jump run and kick all over the house. I would give this series high hope, because it’s not your normal fighting and blood slashing cops and robbers. It’s samurai fighting done in a tasteful way that all age kids can watch and get the same enjoyment out of.

I was giving this opportunity to review this premier through one2onenetwork.com. All thoughts and opinions are my own honest opinion. I was not compensated for this review. If there are any further questions please direct them to Nicole@worldformoms.com.


  1. It is pretty awesome that my son and now his son enjoy the Power Rangers.
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  3. Hi. I found your blog on Give It To Me Monday. This post is a flashback to the past. My little cousins (who are now in their mid-20s) used to watch this show and pretend to be the Power Rangers. It was too funny.


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  6. I haven't seen PR for ever. My son use to adore them but is now 11 and won't even claim he did. We use to watch all the time. Thank for giving me some good memories!


  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by the hump day hop. To be honest I think the Power Rangers are cheesy, We will see if my son gets into it when he is older. Your daughter is a cutie!

  8. My granddaughters don't watch Power Rangers yet by remember watching it with my kids. I even had front row seats to Power Rangers live when my two oldest were young. Big mistake - there were fireworks!

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  9. Hi Nicole! Thanks for stopping by the Hump Day Hop. I was late getting up the link, but I appreciate you stopping by TexaGermaNadian anyways. I love love love your header, it is great. And oh, I have to admit, for one summer, between the 4th and 5th grade, I loved those Power Rangers.

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