Dressing up my home's patio area

Guest post written by Kimmy Hallman

Making your home feeling like a luxurious space is something that you can do even if you live in a small place. It's all about what you do with the area that you have, not how much area you have. So the next little area of my home that I'm concentrating on so I can make my home its absolute best is my patio area.
I've put a few pieces of random furniture to go with my grill in my patio area, but that doesn't really entice me to stay out there. But this space makeover is to make me actually use my grill a little more. I looked aroudn online to see what other people have done with the patio areas of their own homes nad while I was doing that I ran across some get.wildblue.com. I looked into them a little bit more and after that I decided to take advantage of them.
Well I know that I dfeinitely wnat matching furniture out there. I think it would also be neat to find an outdoor rug to put out there to make it feel like more of a homey indoor space than an outdoor space.


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