Wedding Planning

So as stressful as it is, I'm trying this whole wedding planning myself. So far it has not been an easy task. I can't seem to make up my mind, or make things match. I'm also looking at the fact we are borderline broke. We just bought a new house so money is tight right now.

So I have been looking at my options when it comes to paying for a wedding. I have tried to obtain some sponsors to help us a long the way. I know it sounds crazy, I mean who will sponsor a wedding. I did a little bit of research and I've found it's very common. I have typed up a letter that I have sent to several companies and I hope to get some kind of replies. I've already had several hits, can't wait to see what else will come. I will continue to update my blog on my findings.


  1. Good Luck Let me know if you need anything and how big of a wedding are you wanting like how many bridesmaids? or have you even got that far? Im supposed 2 be planning mine 2 but we r broke 2


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