DIY: Reading Nook

Every girl wants a special place to call their own. A place that they can go to and relax and be themselves. My daughter does all of the above in reading books. She has told me over and over how she really feels like she is apart of the books that she reads. So that gave me the idea that she needed a special place that she could really become one with her books. One day I was browsing through Pinterest and I came across this pin Pinterest Reading Nook it was so simple I had to make it hers!!
Things you need:

1. Curved bathroom shower curtain rod
2. Curtains of your choice
3. A corner in your room.
4. Any accents you may want ( I used Monster High High Voltage String Light. She just happen to get those for her bday).  A few pillows, a soft rug and ribbons for ties.

It's simple just follow the directions for installing the shower rod, then add your curtain and accents.



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