Smart Girls Like To Be Pampered Too!

When I’m at home with my daughter and the weather outside is bad, I like to find things to do with her around the house to keep her busy. I know all kids love to watch TV, and movies I don’t believe they should spend the whole day doing so. I believe that a child’s mind can be as creative as you want it to be. I think doing crafts and such with my daughter expands and enriches her mind in so many ways. I recently came across SmartLab Toys and was intrigued with what I saw.  Although they are called Smart Lab Toys this company goes way beyond the normal stereotype.  I came across the SmartLab Sweet Spa, and I knew my daughter would love this kit. It pulls your child in with the things they love. My daughter is a true diva girly girl. She loves to have spa days and be pampered. With the Sweet Spa lab kit, it gives her the chance to be pampered, but also learn how these products are made, and what science is behind it.
A little bit about the All-Natural Spa Lab
Emphasizing a you-can-do-it-yourself attitude, this Dr. Toy Best Green Product empowers girls to get their hands dirty making chemical-free products while learning the science behind the interacting ingredients. Covering science and beauty, projects/recipes use household materials and custom-tooled components to concoct scrumptious smelling spa treatments at home. The citric acid adds pizzazz to bath-bombs and the cosmetic-grade glitter gives a shimmery glow to your products.

The All-Natural Spa Lab uses products that most already have in your pantry, if not they are all inexpensive to buy. 

We started out with making the Pucker up Lip Balm in Vanilla. The ingredients we need were as follow:
  • 1.       Petroleum Jelly
  • 2.       Honey
  • 3.       Vegetable shortening
  • These are all basic things that I already had in my house hold.

After making the lip balm we made the Bomb Shell bath-bomb. This was probably the best, because of the reaction the water has with the baking soda cornstarch and citric acid. The Directions that come with this set are easy to read and follow. Not only does the book give you the recipes for the different spa products it also gives you the some facts about why come chemicals react with others.  Throughout this whole process my daughter was intrigued and asks many questions.  I am very pleased with this product. I have been thinking of different themes to have for my daughter’s birthday and I feel that a home spa party is sounding pretty good right now! If you like this product it's available for $19.99 and is available at, and other select retailers.

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Bonus:  SmartLab Toys now has free download-able activities for kids!  Check it out:

FTC: I was sent these products by SmartLab Toys for review purposes. I was not paid to do this review, nor does it alter my view on the product. As always, my reviews are with my HONEST thoughts and opinions. If you have questions about this review or any review on this site please email


  1. Cool product!
    Your little girl is absolutely adorable :D

  2. I found you via Facebook Blogs, but you have a great and interesting blog :) Will definitely follow you to hear about other nifty products (love the science stuff). Please feel free to check me out too! Cat Dead, Detail Later


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