A night at the Show with a Princess

This past weekend we took my daughter to see Disney’s Princess Classics on Ice, and she absolutely loved it! Disney Princess Classics takes you through the Princess story of how each princess meets their prince Charming. It takes you back to all the classics Malian, Jasmine, Aerial, Aura, Snow White, Bell, and Cinderella.
 I know that my daughter has seen every princess movie and can sing along with every song, but it amazed me how she knew what each scene was. She knew when Aura pricked her finger that she slept until her prince kissed her, she knew when the beast was stabbed by Gaston he would turn into a prince. She even knew that when the Witch found snow white that she would eat the apple and fall asleep. She talked me through every part of the show. 
Sleeping Beauty
I just have to say this show was wonderful, they got each princesses story across in such a short time. The main focus was on Cinderella though, I can’t complain because she has always been one of my favorites. The only complaint I do have is they could have done more with Malian. She is the only Character my daughter didn’t know much about. I had to do some explaining to her about that one. But I have to say just seeing her that short period of time, made my daughter want to watch her movie. If this show comes to a city near you, and you have a Diva princess like I do I highly recommend you go and see Disney’s Princesses Classics on Ice!
Her biggest fantasy to come is to see where these princesses live, maybe one day we can make that dream come true! 
The Little Mermaid
Snow White
Bell and the Beast
Jasmine from Aladdin


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  2. Hi,

    I love accompanying my daughter watching Disney movies "Little Mermaid" is my favorite.

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