Frosty Vox Box

It's always exciting to participate in an Influenster Vox Box. You get to try some of the latest products and give your honest opinion on them. I'm this box I was sent:
1. No.7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advance Serum
2. NYC Expert Last Lip Color
3. Celestial Seasoning Candy Cane Lane Green Tea
4. EcoTools Hair Brush
5. Rommel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
6. Rimmel Scandle Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner
7. McCormick gourmet Thyme
8. Fruit Vines Bites (cherry)

I've had a chance to try all these products, and I can say there are some I love and others that I'm not to into as of right now. So I will go down the list and give you my thoughts on each.

1. . No.7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advance Serum
Although my skin isn't showing to many signs of aging I did try out this product. I can say after the first use I did feel like my skin was tighter. I do look for ways to help prevent aging, but I would do it in a natural way. Since I'm not quite ready for this product I don't see myself buying it again.

2. NYC Expert Last Lip Color
I love how this lipstick just glides on and is so smooth. The color is rich and I didn't find myself reapplying it. The color I was sent was plum and a tad bit to dark for my taste so I did apply a pink lipgloss on top of it. The lipstick itself had enough shine to it, so there was no need for the lip gloss, only to tone it down a bit. I would purchase this lipstick again in the future.

3. Celestial Seasoning Candy Cane Lane
I have just recently started drinking green tea, and I have found myself having to add flavors into it (such as peppermint oil) to be able to drink it. With this tea there is just enough balance that no other ingredients are needed. The flavors are spot on and you get what you pay for. I can also add the sleepy time tea is very calming and a good way to relax.

4. EcoTools Hair Brush
One of my favorite brushes by fair. My daughter has a head full of hair, and is very tender headed. The detangling brush has been a perfect match for her. I've used it daily since I received it.

5. Rommel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
6. Rimmel Scandle Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal

I put these two together because I use them hand in hand. This eyeliner has been a lifesaver. I have used it daily since I received it and I love it!! I've had problems in the past with eyeliners smearing or running and this one stays in place. With that said taking it off was a pain if I didn't have the just let it go makeup remover. This has worked wonders on getting both the eyeliner and my mascara off with no hassle and no irritating of my eyes. They both have been added to my daily routine.

7. McCormick gourmet Thyme
Thyme has not been a spice that I have had much experiment with, but I have used it a few times in soups. My husband is vegan and soups have been an easy dish to make for him. Just a dash of thyme goes a long way. We have also used it many times on his Kale chips. Just sprinkle kale with a little olive oil, thyme, and salt bake for 20 minutes and you will have a perfect chip.

8. Fruit Vines
Love love love them! It's an healthier alternative to snacking on candy. These have been a big hit with my girls too. If you enjoy twizzlers then you will love these too!!

That just about sums my experience with this VoxBox up. As always everything in this blog is my honest opinion. These products were sent to me by for free, in return for my honesty.


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