The God Box ::Book Review::

When we walk our spiritual path in life, we all find our different ways to communicate and get our thoughts and prayers out. We struggle with everyday stress and feelings of helplessness and anxiety. How do we find the strength inside ourselves to give it up to God and let go?

Mary Lou Quinlan's mother Mary Finlayson found the key inside herself. She found a way that helped her lift her burdens and prayers that she carried with her from day to day. She used her God box as a release of everything she needed to get out. Instead of dwelling on a prayer or something she worried about, she would write it down as if she was releasing this burden off her shoulders.

This books takes us on the journey of Mary Lou Quinlan discovering her mother all over again. She was close with her mother and knew her better then she knew herself. And with the help of her mothers' God Box Mary is able to see that her mother was more then what she was perceived to be. Being the strong unbreakable mother was only half her story.

This book is such a good read. The bond that this family had, and the mother that prayed for and loved her family unconditionally. 

This book has inspired me to create my own God Box, for more details of Mary Lou Quinlan check out: also follow her at: @godboxproject and The One Women Show

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  1. Nicole, Thanks so much for what you wrote. When I read "She knew her better than she knew herself," I had to catch my breath. You captured something so true, so simply. I did know Mom better than me. And loved her more too. Thank you for your insight and thoughtful review of my book. So appreciative! Mary Lou


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