Here Home Hope, Review

Here Home Hope, Review

I was giving the opportunity to review a copy of “Here, Home, Hope” by author Kaira Rouda. This book is a fictional story of one woman's courageous journey through midlife crisis and personal reinvention - all told with a sense of heart and humor. 
I have to say I have been busy over the past month or so, that it has took me a while to calm myself to sit down and start this book. Once I was able to start it I couldn’t put it down. If you are like me and you like the drama type shows on TV them you will enjoy this book.
Kaira Rouda is able to portray a mother and wife (Kelly Mills Johnson) in a way that we all feel at times like a mother that gives and gives of herself to everyone in the family, but forgets to take the time needed for herself. She sees what she has been missing and longing for in her life through her friends and she envies them. I don’t want to go into too much detail, because I don’t want to give the book away, but there are some lessons to be learned. The grass is never greener on the other side, just harder to cut.
Kelly Mills Johnson finds herself at a point in her life where there are things happening that are out of her control. She knows that there are things that she would like to change and memories that she wants to create. You will find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster as you read along and follow this midlife journey with Kelly Mills Johnson. 

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I received a copy of the book from One2One Network as always all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 


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